How I started blogging accidentally that generated $2147 revenue

how i started blogging

You can find a lot of inspirational stories about how people started a blog to earn money through it. My story is different as to how I started blogging accidentally and now it is my main source of income without doing a lot of work. 


Hello everyone, I’m Jayesh Sharma, a graphic designer for the last 10 years. When I was in my 16, I had a passion for art and design. I was already very good at drawing and painting at that time. That passion developed me as a graphic designer. 


In 2018, one of my architect friends asks me to start a blog to get more customers online. And that is the time I can say how I started blogging in 2018, and in 2021, blogging is my primary source of income.

My Journey as a Blogger

Step 1. Selecting a Domain

In August 2018, I was too curious about the domain name. I researched a lot that what could be the domain name for my blog. I had an aim to get online clients for my freelancing as well as architecture and 3d house designs. 


So, I researched a lot that what will work better for me, and finally I was chosen “” (which is similar pronounced to and at the moment of registering the domain, my mood was changed and suddenly I selected 

At this time, I did not have an international credit card, and I needed an international credit card to purchase hosting.

At this time, a friend of mine helped me out and brought me his credit card and I finished my purchase.

If you want to buy a domain for your dream blog and want to check if the domain is available or not. I like Bluehost’s free domain name checker.

Step 2. Buying a Powerful Hosting

The blog hosting I chose for my first blog was Bluehost.


At that time, I did a lot of research and Bluehost was the perfect choice for me. If you want to start your own blog and you are serious about making money from your blog, then the two hostings I have used can be a perfect option for you.


The first is Bluehost, the first hosting I used for my blog and the second is Hostinger. Hostinger is my current hosting which I switched after 1 year.

My upcoming guide is coming soon about how to start a blog. If you want to get immediate access to the guide as a beginner, submit your email address here, so you don’t miss the guide.


Submit your email and you will recieve the guide immediate after publishing.

Step 3. Blogging Platform 

You are here to read about the story of how I started blogging and my earning as well. 


I don’t want you to misguide like all other bloggers who are working on the blogging niche and show their fake revenue. 


I had faced a lot of challenges in the journey of blogging, and so I want to share everything with you in more detail so you can understand the journey of a blogger. 


So, after buying hosting, only you need to do is install WordPress on your site. 


WordPress is software that makes it very easy for you to design and manage your blog without writing a single line of codes.

Step 4. WordPress Theme

There are thousands of free themes available in WordPress, you can choose for your blog. But here you should be careful as if you have chosen the wrong theme, it will slow down your blog and a slow site can’t be rank in google. 


I strongly suggest the GeneratePress premium theme. How is the theme? The review is already written in very detail. You can buy the GeneratePress premium theme here. 


My site is also designed with the GeneratePress premium theme. It is a very lightweight theme so that your site can load quickly. 

Step 5. Writing Your First Blog

Setting up a blog is not too difficult.


You select a domain name, bought hosting, installed WordPress and now you write your first blog post. 

And now, you officially become a blogger. Congrats!

Now, do a lot of hard work. Write regularly and deep blog posts. Share your knowledge and experience with people. And become successful. 

Surely, one day you will also publish a story on your blog that “How I started blogging?”


My Earning Report



Indeed, you should not declare how much you are earning from blogging. But if you are interested in my journey that how I started blogging accidentally and now it is my primary source of earning.


Then you would like to see how much I am earning from blogging.

First of all, I want to say that I am not a pro blogger. Second, my earning is not as much as top bloggers like Amit Aggarwal, Harsh Agarwal. (Harsh Agarwal Biography in a single image)

But still blogging can give you so much confidence about your earning. People in India work more than 70 hours a week without any weekend. But still, they are not getting a salary of more than $400.

I was also employed in a digital printing shop and the monthly salary was Rs 25,000 which is approx. $350 exactly. I was working 10 hours a day without any Sunday weekend.

And blogging is the only way that can give you freedom financially as well as from your hardworking job.

How I get traffic?


When I first started my blog. I did not know much about Affiliate Marketing and AdSense.


My primary goal was to find audiences from all over the world and offer them freelancing services.


But when I launched my blog and there was no traffic on it. I did a lot of research on why people are not coming to my site and there I understand that just having a website is not enough to generate traffic.


There are only two ways to drive traffic to a website. The first is Social media or paid traffic, which costs a lot but there’s no guarantee of results if your site doesn’t convert them.


And the second one is organic traffic which is free and can boost your website with a huge amount of high-quality traffic to your site. 


The organic traffic caught my attention and I started learning about it in depth. Here a thing was exposed which is called SEO.


Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) changed the life of my blog and my traffic started increasing day by day.

My Source of Earnings:

Having a blog is not enough if you are not able to make multi-source of income through it. My freelancing earning is equal to my passive income from the blog. But without doing blogging, it is not possible to get clients even for freelancing.

That is the thing that how I started blogging to get the clients for freelancing but later when I build the blog I realize that the blogging self becomes a part of passive income. That is the power of blogging which I realized after doing blogging for a long period. 

Jayesh Sharma blogs earning report

Freelancing (Architecture): 

My main source of working income is freelancing. I have a team of graphic designers and architects who are working with our team on our freelancing projects. 

Our team did a lot of projects as a freelancer under the banner of Listen Designer.

How much do I earn through freelancing?

This is a complicated question. First of all what kind of services do I provide to my customers?

I mostly provide Architecture 3D Render in the Rajasthan state of India. Our architect team knows traditional themes of Rajasthani style, front of house design and Jodhpur stone house design which is quite famous all over the country. 

That is the reason why these posts are getting a huge amount of traffic on our site.

I currently have 3 architects who design house layout plans and 3D renders. We are currently receiving 50 to 70 orders every month for designing house plan layouts and 3D renders.

We are currently charging $100 for 3D renders and $400 approximately for layout plans with 3D renders.

So my monthly revenue through architecture-related business is around $10,000 (approximately 7,50,000 in Indian Rupees).

This is a huge amount but our revenue has come down drastically after Covid.

Freelancing (Graphic Design): 

My second source of working income can be count as doing of freelancing of graphic design related work. I have expert hands in graphic design, vector illustration, flat illustrations and line art drawing. 

But my graphic design related earning is not as much as architecture-related business. But still, this can pay my bills of hosting, electricity and office rent. 

I earn approximately $200 from doing freelancing as a graphic designer. And one thing, my most graphic design clients are coming from Instagram and other social networks, so I can’t say that blogging helps me getting graphic design clients.  Follow me on Instagram here.

How graphic designer earns money.


Architecture and Graphic design business both give me good earning but both are working income. If I stop working then my revenue will also be zero.
But blogging consistently and writing great content allows me to earn money without doing much work.
All I can say is that creating a blog can be a good source of passive income.
I started blogging in 2018 and now after spending 2 years with it, my revenue has increased dramatically.
If you are also doing blogging and not earning enough money, then don’t worry, keep writing regular posts on less competitive keywords and your traffic will increase.
I am currently using SEMrush to find less competitive keywords with high volume and that is the only secret why my traffic has increased.
My google analytics screenshot for May 2021 that how much traffic I generated this month. 
how i started blogging report

Semrush cheapest plan costs you $119 a month. Believe me, if you really want to earn that money, don’t see the cost. 

Within 6 months you will start earning enough if you do proper keyword research which is not possible with any free tool. 

I had partnered with SEMrush so you can get some discount on their plan.

Click here to check the discounted price. 

Earning summary through blogging

My monthly earning from blogging is divided into these parts. I don’t have too many resources to earn from the blog like other pro bloggers. As you already know that why and how I started blogging. To get clients for my business therefore blogging was not my priority. 


But after getting a good amount of revenue. Now I’m expanding blogging as earning source from it. 


Currently, I have 3 main resources for earning money from blogging.

1. Affiliate Marketing – As everyone knows that the affiliate marketing is a game-changing strategy to earn money and that is the reason I’m also doing affiliate marketing in my blog. I have partnered with some of these affiliate marketing programs to monetize my blog. 

Amazon Affiliate – Amazon affiliate is a far good affiliate marketing program, but also it is difficult to earn money through Amazon affiliate. Because their cookies time is 24 hours, and if your referred person buy the same things after 24 hours, you will not get the money. 

My monthly earning from Amazon affiliate is not so much. I’m currently earning $300 to $400 from it. Earning is more with less sale is due to I’m referring things that are higher in prices like iPad, laptops and computers.

As an Amazon affiliate, I can say that if you published a post and people are visiting it, this not mean you will start earning money. People don’t buy things at first sight, so I use a trick. 

I use email marketing to promote the affiliate program. My affiliate sale is increasing by email marketing. 

Bluehost Affiliate Program- In this era, while everyone is moving from the offline and traditional way of business to the online modern business tactics. Hence, having only a social media account is not enough nowadays. You will need a website to make a reputation online. 

So, if anybody starts his/her website, they will need to buy hosting. I suggest people best hosting as per my experience and in return, I made affiliate sales through Bluehost hosting. 

I trust Bluehost due to its price and services. Currently, I’m only promoting Bluehost hosting. My affiliate sales from Bluehost is $840 ($35 per referral customer). This is a very good example of passive income. 

You can also start your blog and can earn money. I have a guide on how to start a blog, you will learn everything about it. Also, you can contact me using the contact form to resolve any query. 

GeneratePress Affiliate-  I’m using the GeneratePress premium theme for my blog. So, I know everything about the GeneratePress theme and  I wrote a blog post and published it. I got little traffic on the blog but I got a sale. Indeed, I’m not earning much amount of money through it, but I made little sales till now. My total earning from the GeneratePress affiliate is $110 approximately. 

This is my affiliate marketing journey in the story of how I started blogging and started earning money. Now come to the point.

2. Product Selling- You already know about me. If not, click here to know about me. I’m a graphic designer for more than 10 years. I have spent a lot of time in this industry I started to understand the needs of designers. 

So I started selling graphics bundle at a very affordable price which is very expensive in the market with less quality. 

I hired graphic designers to design the products at my office, then started selling them through my blog and advertisements. 

I can say this is my business and I’m earning money through it. I have a lot of different types of products related to graphic design like vector graphics, fonts, patterns etc.

First I design the product, then run social media ads to generate traffic to my landing page. I’m able to sell my digital products worldwide. 

 I don’t actually know how much I earn through selling products, because the different types of products are selling in different ways. Some products are selling on other platforms like GraphicRiver. The approximately my earning through selling product is nearly $800 to $1500. 

This was a complete guide about my blogging journey that why and how I started blogging. How was the journey and how much I’m earning through it? 

This is just beginning, the journey is far ahead. A lot of affiliate programs, millions of visitors and millions of dollars are on their way. What I need to do is just working hard, earning trust, helping people and serving people. Money will come automatically.

If you also want to start your blog, you can start, read the guide for beginners. 

If you are ready and want to buy hosting now, I strongly recommended Bluehost as a beginner. Then you can switch to any other hosting. Buy the Bluehost hosting from my link and I will also earn a small amount of money without any extra charge to you. 

Thank you to be at the end of the post on How I started blogging. One upcoming post is on the way about the best SEO plugin that I’m using

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