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Launched to share the unfathomable reserves of ideas, Tips, Tricks and Experience with the most active, creative, smartest and the highest qualified community in the world known as Designers.

Designing is not a profession, it is a passion and when a passion becomes perseverance, no one in the world can stop you by reaching your dreams. 

We are here to create a milestone in helping every graphic designer, web designer, traditional artist, 3d and VFX artists, illustrator, typographer and more, who wants to get advice and inspiration. 

We work hard to enable our audience up to date with the latest trends and development in global designing. 

Meet the Founder

Jayesh Sharma Graphic Designer

Jayesh Sharma

Hello listener!

Welcome to ListenDesigner.

After success in a very shorter time, I can say ListenDesigner is not just a blog, it is an inspiration. 

“Every ”startup” whose purpose is to make all the information available related to his community, to find the best solutions for problems and to share knowledge with people is an inspiration.

Before talking more about the blog, I’ll introduce myself as Jayesh Sharma, born and living in Rajasthan the state of India. I’m an artist by passion and a graphic designer by profession. 

I started learning graphic designing in 2009 at the age of 15 years, and after 10 years of passing the time, finally, my dream born in 2019 as “ListenDesigner.com”.

When I started this website, I was working as a full-time graphic designer job, and after the duty hours, I was also working as a freelancer for part-time. 

So the problem was that I did not have enough time to write even a single post in a day. Finally, I made the decision and quit the freelancing and registered the domain ListenDesigner.com.

Today, ListenDesigner give you original and latest content on every topic that belongs to art. 

What you should expect with us?

• It’s not (just) about Graphic Designing.

 (We have also covered the area of traditional art, 3d rendering, SEO and  online marketing)

• It’s not (just) giving tutorials to learn the software. 

  (We know, only learning software is not enough to be professional)

• It’s not (just) about giving long lectures on designing.

  (We are really working hard to give you free readymade high-quality content to save your valuable time and money).

Wishing you a bright future from the team of ListenDesigner. 

Thank you listener, to listen us.

See you next time. 

That’s it for now.

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