GeneratePress worth it or not? Believe me. This is a complete guide to your query.

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Generatepress Review – GeneratePress is much popular among bloggers. The reason you are on this page is you also want to read the GeneratePress review. Also, you may have a question in your mind about the difference between GeneratePress Free vs Premium. 

Do you know what a theme can do with your blog? It can make or break the reputation of your blog. Also, it can build or ruin the SEO of your site. 

Google’s first page has only space of 10 sites to display. But billions of website want to be on the list. So there is immense competition to be on Google’s first page. 

generatepress review

Google’s second page is a place where you can hide dead bodies. There are no watchers. So how do you leave hard written content in such a deserted place?

Nothing can be happened by creating a website and writing a blog until you can bring it to the first page of Google.


So how to do it?

And now, here starts a complex study of  SEO.

The small word the SEO is, the larger it is to understand. Everything has equal importance here. The Backlinks, content, content’s words, keywords, page speed, hosting, domain, on page SEO, off page SEO, and many more.

Along with all this, themes are equally important for getting a blog or a website to be ranked in search engines.

Almost every new blogger makes a mistake. They start a blog by applying any of the free WordPress themes. And this is a small mistake that he can understand after a long time.

Themes can make a website beautiful as well as increase its load time. That is why applying random theme can increase the loading time of the website. Due to which Google does not consider that website user friendly. And prevent it from coming forward in the search query.

GeneratePress Free vs Premium - Review

So, this post is about the multipurpose and SEO friendly WordPress theme “Generatepress Review”. 

Generatepress theme is the most popular theme among bloggers. And nothing can be favourite without any reason. 

So, in short, if you really want to buy a theme for your blog, you can blindly go with Generatepress without reading any content and review anywhere. Click here and buy the theme, thanks to me later. 

Never compromise with your blog and don’t go with a free theme. Your blog is your business which will give you money. Wealth draws wealth, so invest in your blog 1%, and the blog will invest in you 100%. Buy the subscription of this theme here. 

If you really want to go into deep, then read the full content. 

First of all, this website where you are reading is also using the Generatepress Premium theme. 

So, with a deep experience with themes, a clever review is passing to you. 

There are thousands of WordPress Themes already available. So, as per my point of view, the Generatepress theme fit anyone’s almost needs. Still, we are comparing the most popular themes with each other. 

Modules (Premium Version)161546
Pricing$41 - $199/Year$59/Year$89/Year
Renewal Discount20% off40% off20% off
Enable/Disable modulesYesYesYes
ConclusionCostly but similar to GeneratePressPerfect ChoiceBuy if needs for advance functions.
PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

So, if you’re a beginner, you only love to write, you don’t want much more customization, also, needs a clean theme, just go with GeneratePress. 

It doesn’t mean Astra and Divi are useless, as they even are great for any website. They have many features, sometimes GeneratePress can’t fulfil. But they are useless if you don’t want unnecessary features. 

So, as per my review, Generatepress is for pure bloggers. Astra is for bloggers with more customizations, and Divi is an advanced theme with a lot of functions and features. 

Why Choose GeneratePress?

1. Price – 

GeneratePress is much cheaper with better functionality comparing their competitors. Paying more for the same functionality is not a good idea. Choose GeneratePress for its budget-friendly prices. 

2. LightWeight – 

A lightweight theme reduce your site load time, and load time is an essential part of SEO study. So, don’t give a burden to your site and decrease its load time. Use GeneratePress and make a fast loading site. 

3. Responsive – 

Don’t make responsive an alternative option. GeneratePress is a fully responsive theme. Google only show website on their top pages with fully compatible with mobile and other devices. Many themes are with a fixed-width layout, but GeneratePress is totally mobile-friendly. 

4. Browser Compatibility – 

You may have different types of browser users. Sometimes people choose a theme that works fine in their browser but not in others. But GeneratePress well-tested for every browser. Even in the Internet Explorer. 

5. Supported Plugins – 

Plugins are the superheroes for a WordPress website. If the theme doesn’t support essential plugins, you will fall behind in this race. But GeneratePress theme supports every plugin available on WordPress.

GeneratePress Free Vs Premium

Sometimes, beginners don’t dare to invest in a theme for their blog. But buying themes is not a bad decision, definitely, there are many reasons to buy a theme. You will know them after having a premium theme. 

But now move to the question? Generatepress free vs Premium, which is better? What is the difference between them?

First of all, GeneratePress free themes are available with many functions, so you can even choose free for your blog. 

You can download the free theme from here. 

What is the difference between GeneratePress Free vs Premium?

Good things cannot be free. There is also a difference between free and premium.

1. Typography:

 In GeneratePress Free version, the setting for typography is only for Body, H1, H2 and H3 tags. While in GeneratePress Premium, you will get more than 70 typography options to complete control over your website text. 

2. Importable Demo sites:

 In Generatepress free version, you will get the theme as barebone. You will have to rearrange and design it as per your preference.  While in GeneratePress premium, you will get a lot of importable demo sites to fill your needs.

3. Colour Options: 

The free version will give you very few colour options like,- background colour, text colour, link colour, link colour hover, blog post title, and title hover. 

In the GeneratePress premium version, you will get more than 60 colour options. So, you can enhance your site visual all the way.

generatepress review free vs premium

4. Sticky Navigation:

One of my favourite function. A sticky menu or Sticky navigation can give your site a more professional touch. And in GeneratePress free, it is not available. 

5. Copyright:

In GeneratePress premium, you will get the copyright module, to make your site more professional. 

6. Page Header: 

You can create a transparent page header in the GeneratePress premium theme. A transparent page header can increase the professional look of your site. 

7. Post Style Option: 

In GeneratePress free version, you can’t change the post grid and size of the post on the blog page. While in the GeneratePress Premium version, you can change the post grid, column, and masonry style function. 

8. Slide-out menu: 

This is an impressive feature. You can add a slide-out menu using the GeneratePress premium theme. Can you see three dots in the upper right corner? Click on them to see the slide-out menu we are using. 


Don’t get confused. We explained the GeneratePress review, so you can understand the difference between GeneratePress free vs premium. 

1. GeneratePress is better than any other theme in this price range. 

2. If you’re a beginner or even you are an expert but want to change or upgrade your theme. GeneratePress is the best choice. 

3. You will get a lot of features in their premium version. 

4. I don’t think a single thing which they need to improve because this theme is perfect in all way. 

5. The main thing is the theme is very lightweight. So, it will improve your SEO score. 

Buy from our link and get a discount.