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Hello friends, if you are on this page, I sincerely hope that you have chosen your career in graphic design and that you want to present your work with your clients or in job interviews, and the only thing you need to serve your work with other is “Portfolio”. So learn everything and get the answer of your “question how to make a portfolio for graphic designer?”.

So now, you’re gaining enough experience in the field of graphic designing and also zealous enough to make embellishment designs with your skills, but you’re new and don’t know about how to make a portfolio for graphic designer, so don’t worry. We will really help you in making portfolio for graphic designer.

Actually graphic design portfolio help your clients learn about your skills. And now in this high competition era, a graphic design portfolio can be really vital for your client to choose an experienced and expert designer as they want, so the graphic design portfolio is a presentation of your skill. 

In addition, a graphic design portfolio is a beautiful collection of all the work you did, in which you can showcase your skills in front of individuals, get compliments, and make it easy for you to find customers.

Learn more about how to make a portfolio for graphic designer? also how to contain important information, making portfolio beautiful, readable, and interesting.

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Do you know what things should be kept in mind while creating a graphic design portfolio, how to show information in a way that it should be equipped?

In a way, the graphic design portfolio is not a display of your work, but of your own, a display of your skills.

So it should always be made very thoughtfully and in a manner.

99 percent of your clients will ask for your portfolio and 90 percent of them will be affected by only your portfolio.

As the times are changing, there are many types of changes in the life of people, art exhibitions used to be exhibited where field experts came from all over the world to showcase their skills.

Slowly things changed, now the era became more dependent on online, everything is displayed online only.

Along with this, the work of graphic design also got different recognition and got an extra speed, earlier it was considered as work related to the printing press but in today’s time designing is emerging as a separate profession.

A distinct and artistic group of people from all over the world are adopting this profession, which has given a distinct identity to graphic design as well as increased competition.

So the profession of graphic design also not remained untouched today from this competitive era, and that is why you always have to advance yourself in this field so that you can get enough recognition and the only thing necessary for this is your Graphic design portfolio, to show your art, skills and specialized knowledge, and you must know how to make  a portfolio for graphic designer?

1. Put your Best Work

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Getting better is the first key to success, always try to make yourself better than others and this is the only thing that can open your way to success.

So always incorporating your best work in a graphic design portfolio will prove to be quite useful for your portfolio.

Like if you are fond of photography and you click a lot of photos, are all those photos good? No. You select the best photo from all the photos clicked, and use those photos only.

In the same way, do not include all the work you have done in your graphic design portfolio. This will unnecessarily fill your portfolio and make your portfolio less interesting.

A good graphic design portfolio may have fewer projects, but they should all be powerful. Here’s the main point of learning how to make a portfolio for graphic designer, and for making a graphic designer portfolio, you have to choose your best work in it, and learn here.

So how to choose your best work?

1. Promote your expertise –

 Yes, if you have decided to create a graphic design portfolio, then you will definitely want to use it for jobs or professional work.

So always include projects done about the area in which you specialize, so that you can get more customers for a particular type of work for you.

This will make your portfolio your identity according to your skills.

2. Get help from your colleague or knowledgeable people –

You can also choose the best of all the work you have done by taking the help of your colleagues or family members who are working with you or having knowledge of the area.

The choice of your good work by other people is always more accurate.

3. Split the design separately –

Like you are good at both illustration as well as packaging design. So you should not combine them all in your graphic design portfolio.

Rather, you should divide all these into different categories and then demonstrate the best work of the particular category.

This will increase the quality of your portfolio and will also become much easier for the portfolio viewer.

2. Being simple makes you bold.

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It must be kept in mind, sometimes less is more. Therefore, it is better than filling your portfolio with unnecessary, you decorate your portfolio with limited projects and this will makes your portfolio bold.

Also, make your portfolio simple, so that the person who sees the portfolio have it easy to understand, and makes your portfolio look professional.

Some special tips to keep your portfolio simple –

1. Avoid the unnecessary designing-  The work you are including in the portfolio is enough to tell about you, so avoid the unnecessary designing of your portfolio.

Also, instead of choosing the theme of the portfolio in a flashy manner, choose the simple one so that more attention can be given to your work.

2. Choose easy, readable, and thin fonts –  If you are learning how to make a portfolio for graphic designer, then tie a knot to not fill your portfolio with unnecessary bold fonts, use bold fonts just in the title, and that too little.

Do not try to fill more text, as simple, as beautiful.

Yes, but describe your personal information very well and beautifully in the portfolio, choose professional words, give your contact so that it is easy to contact you.

Apart from this, write a small but complete description of each project with it, it will make it easier to appreciate your work.

3. Choose cool and beautiful colors – Design your graphic design portfolio using cool colors. Cool colors will show credibility to you which makes working with you more reliable.

Read our other article to know about the proper selection of colors, as well as go into detail about the appropriate gradient color combinations.

3. Choose your unique style

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Working from different spaces

In today’s time, if you do something apart from the crowd, only then you will be able to create your own identity.

And the same thing matters in every field, even if you are a graphic designer.

So in the field of graphic design, if you separate yourself from the crowd, where everyone makes the same type of design, but you will do something unique, only then you will get your followers.

So how to choose your own unique style?

1. Stand out from the crowd – First of all, universal, and it is necessary that if you want to choose a unique style for yourself, then stand out from the crowd.

Don’t do what everyone else is doing, do a different branding of yourself in which the design and style like yours are not available anywhere else.

Give yourself time, explore something different, experiment with different colors and shapes, find something special, and in the same way, you can develop your own unique style, which will make you stand out from the crowd.

2. Avoid copying – If you too have a habit of looking at the art of other artists to get inspiration, get rid of this habit as soon as possible. As long as you keep getting inspired by the style of other people, their image will appear in your artwork, and you will never be able to create your own unique style.

So avoid copying, only then you will be able to cook something new which will be special, tasty and whose people will be crazy.

3. Establish yourself as a brand- The way you create a unique style for yourself, you will also have to do your best to bring your uniqueness to the people and for this, you have to establish yourself as a brand.

And your graphic design portfolio will be most useful for you in establishing you as a brand.

So work hard, create your unique identity, create your special style of work, and establish them all as a brand, and for this take full advantage of your portfolio. So, read more about how to make a portfolio for graphic designer and make a beautiful presentation of your work as a graphic design portfolio.

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In this way you can create your portfolio by learning how to make a portfolio for graphic designer.

A graphic design portfolio is a special presentation, which incorporates all the features of you and your work, so never negligence making your graphic design portfolio,  and do not be hasty.

Only the graphic design portfolio will help you get a job or freelance work, and it is your image. So you should try to make it as useful as you can.

Also, you can use different types of platforms to create a graphic design portfolio, that has different importance.

1. Presenting your portfolio as a book in the form of a PDF –

These are the most common, and the best way to create a graphic design portfolio.

Its specialty is that this can be easily accessible everywhere phone and computer.

If you send your portfolio to your clients as a PDF, it is saved on their phone or computer, which they can open and share whenever they want.

Portfolios created in PDF format are quite common, and at the same time useful, you can easily add images to it, which will be available to your clients in very good quality. Also, you can share links in it, so that the user will feel easy to contact you.

2. Through a website- 

this is a very advanced and innovative way to create a graphic design portfolio, but it also costs a bit, but having a portfolio on your own website affects the front person, so if you can afford, build your portfolio through a website.

With WordPress, you can create a beautiful website without having technical knowledge.

These two methods are currently the most popular for graphic design portfolios, so only a small description is given about them. If you want to know more about creating a website, send an email to us, we will help you as soon as possible. will do. We will give you help in making a graphic designer portfolio, also you already learned here how to make a portfolio for graphic designer.