1. Just do it

Yes, Just do it. This is the first and the most important step to becoming a graphic designer. If you really wanna become a graphic designer then just do it now whatever you can. 

  • (A) Start any designing or typing software and see the different types of fonts. Learn what fonts say. Yes, fonts have their own mood, some fonts are in a sad mood, some are formal, some funny or funky looks, so here you have to learn where and the which font you have to use. 
  • If you choose a funky and stylish font in your job cv, or some straight and simple (here I mean serious emotions fonts) in someone’s birthday card then your designing will not look as much cool as you want.
  • (B) Take the magazine which you have already read many times and you had throw it into the corner of your bedroom, read it again but with a new perspective. What designer do to explore the emotions of the writer. See all pages and different articles, see the page where the sad story printed, what type of illustration is printed on this page, now open the page where jokes are printed, see the comical style on this page how he has used laughing emojis or cartoons. 
  •  (C) Find designs in your daily life. Watch around you and you will definitely get graphic design there. We don’t know but graphic design is presence in everyone’s daily life.
  • (D) Take a pencil and start drawing anything. Try to write anything with any style, Write your name with many different styles. Try to draw many different style signature of your own. 


Do you know what the great artist Picasso had said,  Picasso had to say – ‘good artists copy, great artists steal’ and so we should always be shameless about stealing great ideas. 

This is the easiest way of learning about colors, shapes, typography, fonts, styles by just copy someone’s style. If you doing for just learning, or you do it for anyone’s local business, you can use these tricks to design their needs. 

Open google and type whatever you need, find the perfect match for your design and start copying. I’ll bet you will definitely learn very fastly and also your skill will develope magically. 

When you will copy exactly the great designers, you will learn the minor things in less time which takes you a long time to learn with your own experience.

Also when you copy others design, you’ll face the problem of drawing the exact things in software and tools, so you will learn the software deeply by copying someone

3. Find Your Skill

Graphic Design is very wide and anyone can’t be perfect in all things. You have to choose your field of design and then you should be a specialist in this field. Let’s if you choose packaging design then don’t switch with another field until you become a specialist in this field. 

The world does not care how widely Graphic Design you know, but will always care about at least one thing how amazingly you can do. So always try to pick up one field and then learn in this field, as much as you can. 

4. Social Media

Till now you had used social media for making friends, chatting and likes, but believe me, social media can not be used better than this. There are a lot of active professional graphic designers on social media. 

Join with graphic designers group and pages on social media and get help from there. People will always help you whenever you ask something there. Today, on social media many artists post their artwork and get reviews and also you can find customers from there if people like your work. 

So always trying to upload your new work on social media and ask people to review that, you will learn by professionals.

5. Ask Less! Surf more.

Why asking peoples and wasting your time and energy when you can find things on Google. This will never disappoint you. There are millions of websites that provide articles, explainer videos, software tutorials, and many others. Just fulfill your needs there. 

Also, you have to make habits of surfing the internet and searching for content related to graphic design. Once you started learning from google, you will never ask anyone to help you. 

6. Expert the Software

If you wanna become professional, stop searching for free apps on the play store to do graphic design on your phone. You should start learning professional designing software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. Without proper knowledge of necessary software, you can’t become a Graphic Designer. Also, you have to invest a lot of time to learn and be familiar with the software.

Now when you are ready to learning software, you will face the dilemma to choose between which software you have to learn. There’s a lot of software, which is used by different persons for different work and every software is useful in its own ways. You have to learn the difference between raster graphics and vector graphics, also what is illustration and what is matte painting and in which software you can do your project more comfortable and fast. 


You can do something extraordinary or something that a lot of people can’t do, by remembering just one Mantra “Practice as much as you can”. Make your phone password “Practice”, to remember you again and again that you have to cross the valley and you have only one thing is to do is Practice. 

Graphic design is an art and art can not be learned quickly and what can be learned quickly is not art. You can’t be a perfect Graphic Designer without enough practice. Just make graphic designing your dream, and start a lot practicing. Set up your goals and every day trying to reach there. 

8. Learn Typography, it is important!

Typography is the visual appearance of written text. When you will start working as a Graphic designer you will always deal with text-decoration. This is the most important and useful part of graphic design. Clients always expect the new and stylish text, so the designer spends most of the time in changing the shape of text or scrolling fonts.

Usually typography is in two forms, first the readymade fonts. This is the common type of typography. There are thousands of types of different fonts. The fonts are designed by fonts artists and the characters in the fonts are pre-designed. So you have to only choose a perfect font for your texts. But choosing the right one from them is a challenge. See here some amazing widely used fonts.

And the second type is personally designed typography. This way is more creative and needs more practice to shape perfectly to the words. When you design text in your own way, it looks more awesome than using pre-designed fonts and also in this way your typography will not match anywhere. Calligraphy is similar to this type of typography. 

9. Be Creative

Creativity is the act of giving the shape of imagination and ideas into reality. A creative person can attach two or more things to each other with a new way of thinking. The more creative person you are, you can generate more imagination into reality. Also, creativity doesn’t ever bore you by doing the same work regularly. It’ll give you more new ideas on every step of your works. In a simple way, creativity is the only thing which gives you new thought and you generate completely original idea. 

In the journey of graphic designing, creativity is the only thing that lets you stable for a long time in your work. Graphic designing is a hugely competitive industry but also there is a high demand for creative persons in this field. 

There is a lot of ways to be creative and unique. In rare cases, creativity is been by birth otherwise creativity is produced by practicing enough in the one field by a person. So don’t be bother that you are not as much as creative to compete the world, you also can build this thing in your way, and be a good designer.

10. Increase communication skill

Good communication skill is the thing which impresses your clients without your work. However, this skill is important in graphic design careers and in others too. Your words attract your customers first and then your works give satisfaction to them.

A good communication skills give you more clients and more projects in your business. If you communicate well with your customers, this will reflect a positive attitude in your work and thing happen more friendly and easy with you. 

To increase communication skills, start talking like professionals. Read more and more about these skills, don’t be shy to speak in public, always try to explain your thoughts to others in the way that they can understand them easily, write answers on quora, be social, start writing blogs.

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