FREE Save The Date Template - Vector
by ListenDesigner

You are now ready to start your new life and picked a date for the most memorable moment in your entire life. Here are most beautiful and free Save The Date Template that can give a new life to your invitation with our Save The Date Template. 

As you’re really most excited to do shopping, decorations, make-ups, cameras, wedding costumes, then how can you forgot the most important things in the entire wedding is the invitation cards & the Save the Date Cards are the most attractive thing to attract your valuable guests, for their presence on your special day.

You can choose any Save the Date Template from our database for free or you can purchase our premium save the date template by visiting our Shop section.


Save the Date invitations are the most attractive psychological technique to frequently remember your guest about your wedding, engagement or birthday for their bright presence. A save the date invitation can fill up your guest’s calendar with the pre-booking to your wedding.

So, the save the date have many pros, from pre-ticket booking to choosing a perfect wedding gift. Also, save the date invitation alone can manage all of your headache of inviting people and calling them for the function. 

Save the date invitation have many pros, so don’t think much before making your own save the date invitation. We are here providing enough templates that can fulfill your needs. 



The Save the date template can easy your a lot of work. Download the save the date template you like very much whereas every template is made with very hard work by our designers, then change the details as per your need and save the file into the formate you prefer. Now your work is ready, you don’t have to go to professionals and pay a lot of money to design your work. 

Also, if you are a designer you can use our save the date template to design your clients save the date invitation. Here are all free customizable save the date templates are available, easy to download and easy to use. 

Where you can use the Save the Date Template : 

1. The uses of save the date template are that you can use at your personal uses like your wedding, birthday, engagement, anniversary, etc.

2. You can design your friend’s or family member’s personal pre-invitation by our save the date template.

3. If you are a designer, you can save your a lot of work and time by using our pre-designed save the date template.

*You are not permitted to edit and resell the file from ListenDesigner to anywhere. All the templates at are copyright protected and never give permission to any person or a company to resell or any commercial use.



Every template on internet you see are made in any professional designing software, the most common softwares are Adobe Photoshop (for rastor based templates), Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw (for vector based templates). 

On, you will get every template in vector-based AI formate. To edit and export it to any other formate, you will need Adobe Illustrator to edit the templates.

We prefer vector based save the date template, where everything is fully customizable, so the editing will be very easy and smooth. If you don’t have the paid software, you can get help from any graphic designer who can edit your template with a small service charge. 



Downloading free Save the date template is easy on ListenDesigner. Just visit the page and choose free downloads 

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