Most struggles, facing by the Graphic Designers Every Day

flat illustration vector describe struggles by graphic web designer as monitor hands fight

In the past few years, graphic design has placed in the top list of the hottest career path.  Every student or someone who is in their teenage is a dream to become a trendy graphic designer, so the result is a huge amount of teenagers are going to become a graphic designer to play with colors, gradients and wants to create something mind-blowing everyday which can be wow by the viewer. 

As said it already, the beauty of the career has created this hottest career. The broad area, industry-standard, respective, creative, colorful, enjoyable, social and many more attributes of this field make its a beautiful career path. But everything has pros and cons. Also, graphic design has many cons which makes it’s difficult to survive the career for the long term. 



If you are going to a graphic designer’s job interview, they will don’t care what designing degree do you have. They only want to know your ability to solve the client’s visual designing problem. So this awesome attributes of this field make it more competitive. While there is no degree need to become a graphic designer, so every person who had none of the experience in graphic design will join an online freelancer program and start his own career as freelancer, so the result will be faced by the client to find a perfect designer to complete his work, and also by the real designer to stand out of the crowd and identify himself. 


Graphic design is a heavy competitive market.  A lot of highly experienced and talented graphic designers are sitting in every corner of the world. A lot of graphic design degree programs available who taught really great skill to the student. So the market stretches with qualified graphic designers and creates heavy competition in this field. 

And so the result is that if you wanna survive in this field, you have to be unique and creative to fight the competition, otherwise you will not get clients and that’s the truth.


Some people are forced by habit. They get used to finding faults and when a designer gets this mindset people as their clients, it’s really annoying. These types of people actually don’t even know what they want, they have a fix dialogue like “it looks nothing special, please make some creative”. 

They will always use their minds to create the design, and the designer is only the operator of the software. 

When this type of person starts to dominate on designers, the painful condition of the designer is born.


“Hello dude, I saw your portfolio and I really impressed with your hard work and the creativity. I’m really excited to complete my project by you, but I just a startup, please can you do my help and design a logo for me for free of cost. I will really appreciate it.”

When you wake up with these types of disgustingly emails and messages, is not it enough to annoying anyone? Oh god, designers also have to pay the bills, why you are startup your business if you have not enough money to pay for a logo. How will you buy your startup stationaries, are also they are free?

Anyway, these types of parasite peoples have only one thing to do is to irritate peoples.

Don’t do free for anyone, if you’re an experienced designer or a student, just don’t do for free for learning purpose also. You have your own time, which is valuable and don’t waste it on freebies people. 


Graphic designers don’t suffer from fever, they suffer by the deadline, and every designer has deadline acne on his daily life’s face. Almost every person who is in this industry knows very well how to wake late at night and complete their projects on time because whenever they get any project, the clients will ask always for hard and fast work. 

No one cares that designing is not a 10 minutes work, they just only want very creative, unique and great design within time criteria.

So, if you are trying to become a graphic designer, don’t fool yourself that you will work really fast than others. 


Oh God, this is another problem with the designer, they have 5000 fonts are installed in their system, and will use only 5 fonts which they like, they remember and they know very well and when the time comes to find some different font, they are only do scrolling, scrolling, and scrolling.

This situation not always creates, but when it creates, the main reason behind this has that the client wants something different fonts otherwise he would have a jpeg file with some text and you have to find the font written in the image. And this is how the game of scrolling starts

Nowadays, many designers have found a solution to finding the font is’s font finder. The website work really great to find the font which is in an image form. Just you have to upload the image file with text and they will show you all the possibilities of fonts that match with them. If you wanna know how to exactly get the font with this website, read our blog about this.

And if the situation created the demand for finding something unique and stylish font, then we have provided some great paid and free fonts list with examples of how and where use those fonts. That all are really great, but less known fonts. Find them here.


When a client has a photo and he sent that you. You will reply, sorry sir, this image is not fit our criteria, please send another one which will be perfect and high quality so I can use that image better way.
And the reply will come like this “why you can’t do this image high quality, after all, you are a designer and you know Photoshop.” How to deal with this situation?

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