Hurry Up, There are Best Gradient Color Combinations for Illustrator in 2019

Why only for Illustrator we are providing gradient combination? Because Illustrator is the only software, which is the first choice of any graphic designer. Every great design you see on the internet, a high chance, that it can be made in Illustrator. Industry Standard, more smooth, easy to use, deeply functions are made Illustrator number one choice for everyone. 
So here, almost every person uses Illustrator for designing, then the best gradient color combination for Illustrator are available here.

As you already created a beautiful piece of art in your favorite software adobe illustrator?
But now the main problem is hanged when you are decided to give more depth to your work by putting gradient shades in it, but the bothering is that you are not finding the best gradient color combinations. For illustrator users, the gradient combination is the thing, which consumes a lot of time and work to make a perfect shade. 
I’ve noticed myself that colors can change your design’s main intention and feelings. 
Sometimes, there will be a huge difference between what you created and what you served, and the colors are the recipe of design, which can change the taste of the design.
We are designers, and we have a responsibility to create a design that attracts more viewers. So, we have to always be aware of every tool that helps us to create the designs more interesting for people who pass through it.  

Why Gradient Matters?

Today, the time is coming again of solid colors, where everyone is busy in creating the most eye-catching single color design, and you are searching on google “the best gradient color combinations for illustrator.”, why?
Because, inside everyone knows, that the solid colors are in trends, but gradients can not die. 
Gradients can magically give your design a new life, without changing it. 

It’s no surprise that the smallest changes in gradients influence not only the sense but the proposal of the work.
Gradient matters, because gradient can give your work a mood, which reflects the reason of the work to be there, sometimes gradients can make your design more charming and delight mood instead of solid colors, which are the more serious color scheme.
gradients are more eye-catching than solid colors, and any design created with gradient shade can increase the interest of people up to 90% in that.

Gradient improves memory

It is fact, that two or more color combinations stay longer time in the human mind than a one-color shade. 
Using the right color with perfect shades of gradients can make a long term memory to the viewer, whether it can be a web page or a product packaging. Gradients always work better in any situation. 
You’ll notice that most of the greatest brands use gradient shades to be stand out from their peers.         

Where to use Gradients ?

Using gradients everywhere is not a good decision, you should be good knowledge of how to using gradients shades at the perfect place and in perfect quantity to improve the performance of the artwork.
Gradients are the color scheme, in which any object, text, background, texture or anything is filled with two or more colors that creates an effective visual to the design and improve the quality of the work.
Where you can use gradients?

  • On digital Advertisements and banner (Gradients work really well with a digital screen, where RGB colors can create millions of shades of colors, so the gradients can look well attractive on it)
  • In print Media (Using color gradients on print media is quite difficult because you have to be familiar with CMYK color mode to create a color gradient, which should also have to work well when the design will be print)
  • On Logos (You can use gradients on logos, the most famous gradient logo example is Instagram)
  • On background. (Gradients have been a strong grip when they use within direct background)

Best Gradient Color Combination for Illustrator

Illustrator has many color editing tools that make your work more easy. So here is a complete list of gradient color combinations, that can work very well with Adobe Illustrator.
Also, before posting many gradient shades to you, and you become confused within them, we divided them into the types and needs of your work.
So, find, use and enjoy your gradient combinations, and share this post to others, that people also can get help and save their time.

Beautiful Gradients for Landing Pages

The Color gradient is for website home page or landing page, which attract more viewers by just gradient shades.

Blue Gradients

Any website first impression is the landing page if the landing page is designed very well with perfect combinations of color.

Blue Colors is the most powerful attractive color which attracts too much attention, and the most famous color among men. Also, almost 60% of websites on the internet use the blue color as their theme’s primary color.
Blue color can create many beautiful shades with other colors. So, gradients can look very beautiful with blue gradients,  with other colors like pink, green, black and grey. 

Red Gradient Combinations

Red is the color of fire, which represents joys, happiness, love, romance, celebrations, passions, heat, danger, stress, actions, etc. 

Pink Gradient Combinations

Pink represents caring, compassion and love. The pink color stands for unconditional love and understanding, 

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